About me

«Me» is Vigdis Stokker Jensen, former teacher in upper and lower secondary school in Norway, now a research assistant at a University College in Norway, performing research on education – particularly teacher education.

I am a passionate reader of all types of literature, and will, from time to time, post reviews of books I have read. Also you can find film-reviews on my blog, as I am just as passionate about film as I am of literature. Photography is another interest, as an art form mostly, because art of all kinds expand the time and space and value of life.

My entrance into philosophy is the time and space-philosophy of Mikhail Bakhtin, the Russian philosopher, teacher, and literature theorist living from 1886-1976. His philosophy of time, space, and the act was built on a life-long discussion with the philosophy of Kant, and developed through  what is called the «Bakhtin circle». My purpose is not to be a Bakhtin fundamentalist, but to use his thoughts creatively, expand them, see where they lead and how fruitful they can be in our time.

As a person who is very interested in certain phenomena in society – politics, media, education, educational research, to mention some, I will post texts about such issues from time to time.

The contents of this blog is based entirely from my point of view and through my interpretation of the texts and phenomena I write about. No other person or institution is responsibe or should be held responsible to what is written here.

This blog is bilingual, as I will write some posts in English and some in Norwegian. Join me, comment, ask questions, discuss, disagree.  If I find your contribution offensive in any way, it will not be posted.

You may follow me on Twitter as @vigdissj


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